The Best Car Exterior Protection Techniques Available Today

We live in a world that is going through amazing advancements in every fields. The world of automotive detailing is also going through splendid progress and you get to keep your vehicles in mint condition with ease if you make use of the impeccable car exterior protection techniques available today.


#1 Polishing Service

Car polishing is one of the most effective car detailing techniques available today that will give a sparkling new look to the vehicle exteriors. After prolonged usage, the exteriors will lose its shine and the color will just fade away. When you use car polishing techniques, the exteriors will be cleaned meticulously and then polished thoroughly using advanced detailing products. Once the process is completed, the vehicle will look as if it has got a brand new coat of paint. The costs are significantly low compared to getting the exteriors repainted. A layer of paint protection coating will also be applied on the vehicle body to give it enhanced protection from sunlight and other threats.


#2 Electric Buffing

Electric buffing is another advanced method used by expert car groomers today to give an amazing look to the car exteriors. The method is used to apply wax on the vehicle body after it is cleaned well to remove all sorts of contaminants. The process is done in two stages.


#3 Cleaner Waxes

Cleaner waxes are used during the initial stage of the electric buffing process. Cleaner wax products of amazing quality are used in the process. The cleaner wax is applied on the car and then the buffer is used to remove even the hardest stains. Even the stains that have been sitting on the exteriors for a real long time gets removed during this process. This will provide a shine which will be better compared to regular cleaning.


#4 Finishing Waxes

Once the cleaning process is completed, finishing wax is used by the professional car groomers on the vehicle and then the buffer is used to give the vehicle an extra layer of coating. The coating will provide a glow on the vehicle exteriors and due to the electric buffing method used in the completion of the process it will stay good for a real long period. This process of waxing will have better life and enhanced effects compared to regular waxing.


#5 Blue Flame Treatment

The vehicle exteriors will have different types of stains and continuous exposure to road debris and sunlight will also cause formation of pores. To solve both these problems, the advanced car exterior protection technique called blue flame treatment will be of great help. The static force that causes the deposition of impurities on the vehicle body will be eliminated during this process. Silica ions will be used to fill the pores formed on the vehicle body too which will make sure the exteriors look neat and tidy.


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