Car Waxing Is Nothing But Visual Perfection. Opt For Car Coating Instead. Here is why.

Car Waxing Vs Car Coating

What Is Car Waxing?

Waxing goes way back in time.  Back in the early days of Singapore (the 1980s), waxing was the thing to do if you want your ride to have the sleek shine. 

Anybody who wants a car wax on their prized cars will visit "car re-spray painters" or "car groomers"  to get the job done. 

Car groomers will use a soft sponge, dipped it in wax and apply it onto your car in circular motions.  The car is then left to dry for half an hour or until the wax turns hazy . Once it turns hazy, the car wax will be cleaned off  using cotton "Good Morning Towel". Back then, microfiber towel did not exist. 

Due to our hot and humid weather in Singapore, the lifespan of car wax on your car is between 4 to 8 weeks. It will eventually dry up or vaporise as it is not chemically bonded to your car.   

Car wax is generally low cost in Singapore, you can probably find someone who can do it for you at $50 (or lesser) or DIY by purchasing a can of wax from the supermarkets. 

But do you know that car waxing serves no purpose other than to give your car a good shine for 8 weeks?  Car waxing gives the car owner a sense of visual perfection and it does not protect your car's paintwork from oxidisation and deterioration. 


What Is Car Coating?

Fast forward to present day Singapore, better and faster technologies have come to replace car waxing such as paint sealants and glaze technologies.

Car coating is another technology that have invaded the market in recent years. They give you the same visual perfection (or even better) with car paint protection benefits. It prevents your car paintwork from oxidisation and deterioration.

They are better as they are made of Silicone Dioxide or Silica (Si02), these chemicals are versatile and they give good protection characteristics.

Car coating is more expensive but will work out better for you over a long run. Here is why:

1. Car coating last longer on your car

Unlike wax, car coating can last 3 - 5 years, depending on the chemical properties or ingredients.


2. Car coating gives better clarity and shine

Car coating provides a better clarity and shine.  Some might say that it provides a different shine.

3. Car coating gives minimal maintenance

A simple car wash with shampoo every week will suffice.  No more waxing and polishing. With car coating, you have earned the permission to be lazy. No more regular visits to car grooming centres. Start calculating the amount of time and money you will save. 

4. Car coating provides a hydrophobic effect on cars and light scratch resistant. 

For as long as the coat stays on the car, your car will experience hydrophobic effect and will be light scratch resistant. Hydrophobic effect is important as it allows water beads to slide off your car easily, otherwise, the water beads will become  watermarks. 
Take note that no coatings are 100% scratch proof and it will not prevent damages from abusive acts such as vandalism or hard scratching. So if you are looking for a product that can do that, then perhaps car coating is not the right technology for you. 
Car wax only provides the hydrophobic effect for the initial period of time and its effect will be reduced as the wax vaporises over time. Car wax is not scratch resistant. 

5. Car coating requires professional manpower

Car Coating requires a professional to perform the job. It is not something that you can be DIY-ed at home.  It requires proper tools, chemicals and skilled hands. 

In Summary

  Car Waxing Car Coating
Life Span Up to 8 weeks 3 years or more depending on formulas
Clarity & Shine Does not shine as much Shines a lot brighter and clearer
Maintenance Have to go back for regular application Do not need to go back for regular application
Hydrophobic Effect Deteriorates as car wax fades till next application Permanent Effect
Scratch Resistance No Yes, fingernail-like scratches

With this article, we hope that you have a clear understanding of what car coating is about and you can opt for a method that suits your needs. Sierra Glow signature Blue Flame Treatment is a car coat paint protection system that is aimed at protecting your car from oxidation and deterioration. 

Feel free to email us (, or drop us a phone call (6340 1785) if you have any questions related to car coating or our packages, our detailing team will be able to answer your enquiries.


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