Claying and Blue flame treatment – Will it do any Harm to Vehicles

You might have often come across the names claying and blue flame treatment when you drive to a car grooming provider. You might even have come across billboards, newspaper ads and television commercials that talk about these advanced car grooming services. Ever wondered if these services will do any harm to your vehicle? Is it due to the uncertainty resting in your mind that you have not yet tried out these services? Well, if you want to know about claying and blue flame treatment in detail and if you to know how to care for your car, you should read on.


When you take your car to an automotive detailing provider you would want to make complete use of the services offered and get your vehicle in topnotch shape. When thorough washing cannot get rid of the impurities present in your car body, you can go for claying. This is one of the best techniques used by the reputed car detailing providers to get rid of intense dirt. The stains that have been taking away the beauty of your vehicles for quite some time can also be removed easily using this technique.

Claying will also help to make the glass panes and fiberglass portions of the vehicle immaculately clean. This is another advantage of making use of this service. You will be able to get rid of all the impurities that gets accumulated in window panes and glasses without leaving behind even traces of the dirt.

When you go by the name, you might think that this is a technique that uses a lot of mud in its slushy form to remove the dirt. You might even think that the process will just add more dirt to your otherwise unclean vehicle. Well, you are thoroughly mistaken here. Claying is a technique that uses a resin compound which has been created with intense care by experts to clean the vehicle body in the most perfect manner. The clay bar used for this purpose is elastic and this makes it more effective in cleaning off the dirt. This not only enhances the life of the bar but also ensures that even the delicate portions of the vehicle stay safe and secure during the entire process. Claying is definitely a safe method to get your vehicle cleaned.

Blue flame treatment

Blue flame treatment is one of the latest grooming techniques available today to give a facelift to your cars. You will be able to make your vehicles look extremely good-looking with the help of this process. Most importantly, it will not cause any sort of harm to the vehicle body. It will only glorify the looks of the vehicle after getting rid of the dirt and pores that could pose a threat on the overall beauty of the vehicle. Heated silica is used to fill the gaps formed on vehicle body. All sorts of pores caused on the vehicle body due to umpteen reasons can be fixed with ease. Only the silica is run through the flame and hence no harm will be caused to the vehicle paint or body. Blue flame treatment is definitely an amazing service that you should try out if you want to get your vehicle back in mint condition. 

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