Here Is Why You Should Go To A Car Detailer Instead Of A Car Groomer

A search on car detailing or car grooming on sgCarMart reveals up to 275 listings in Singapore. Consumers are spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting someone to groom and clean their cars.  


It is important that you are able to identify whether this company is a car groomer or car detailer as the quality of work and products used are different. That being said, both car groomers and detailers are involved in the business of maintaining the exterior and interior of your car through various methods and techniques which can include:

  • Wash
  • Wax
  • Polishing
  • Claying
  • Paint Sealants
  • Glass Coating
  • Interior Cleaning & Vacuuming
  • Leather Conditioning


Workmanship is key in car grooming and detailing. To achieve superior workmanship is an art, it is 50% labour and 50% product quality. The best products are useless without the skilled hand.  The skilled hand is useless without a good solid complement product.  Knowing the differences will put you in a better position to choose a service that meets your needs.  

1. How Do You Identify A Car Groomer?

1.1 Type And Duration Of Services. 

Car groomers usually offer the traditional wash, clay, polish, wax, interior cleaning and tyre dressing. Some might go to an extent of offering paint sealants but they do not offer glass coating.  They get your car done in 1-2 hours.

1.2 Location

Car groomers are usually found in a multi-storey car park, shopping mall’s car park, petrol kiosk or smaller workshops. Time is essential as customers expect to collect their cars after their round of shopping and eating. 

1.3. Quality

No sophisticated tools are used by the car groomer. Also, due to the short timing allocated to each car, a car groomer is not able to shower his utmost tender, love and care on your ride. What car groomers can offer you is a short term cosmetic shine surface with no commitment to you. Up to 6 months of shine if they have paint sealants on. Car wax vaporises in 3 months. Some customers “make do” with car grooming as they are happy with the price and the convenience. 

2. How Do You Identify A Car Detailer?

Car detailer is the “Atas” version of car groomer, they target and cater to a niche group of people who wants a deeper, cleaner and more finished work.  A car detailer makes a promise to you that your car is in good hands for a period of 2 - 5 years by giving you a warranty.

2.1 Glass Coating

Car detailers do not offer the traditional wax and polish service. In place of that, they offer a range of glass coating services. Glass coating is a higher end of car paint protection systems that provides a deeper lasting gloss, it allows the owner to maintain his car easily and it protects your car paint from oxidation and deterioration.  
Unlike car waxing where you can DIY at home, glass coating requires a professionally trained hand. The quality of workmanship for glass coating is key in car detailing  It requires a trained professional to do the job. A car detailer is able to offer a more thorough job and a comprehensive final finish. 

2.2 Quality and Duration Of Job 

You can expect up to 8 hours of wait for the job. Car detailers labour extensively on every inch of your car exterior body parts. They are more cautious and comprehensive in their work. They take note of your car’s paintwork condition and determine how to rectify or correct it. Each car paintwork is different,  it depends on the make of car and whether or not the car owner has taken good care of the car. Continental cars’ paintwork can be very fragile and delicate. Depending on your car paint condition, different methods and techniques will be used to remove swirl marks, hologram or blemish surfaces. They usually pay attention to washing the wheel arch area behind the sports rims or tyre. They also carefully brush off the dust particles away from the brake components. A paint brush is a necessity item that cleans up all drainage gap from bumper to door handle including all edges and joints.  
A clay bar will be used on the entire car surface which will remove all dust, dirt particles, iron filing, tree sap, road tar and other unwanted contaminants that will cause the paint to feel rough. When your car paint surface is rough, it does not reflect light evenly and dulls the shine. That is when a customer will complain that their car does not sparkle anymore. 


2.3 Sophisticated Tools and Products

A car detailer has sophisticated tools, accessories and chemicals for glass coating. They use  dual action polishers which cost 3-4 times more than an ordinary rotary polisher that a car groomer is using. These dual action polishers come with a full selection of polishing pads ranging from hard, medium and soft to treat different paint condition. 

Chemicals wise, the grade of the compound, polishing and finishing sealant are important to achieve perfect workmanship. Workmanship is made up of 50% product and 50% labour, one simply do not live without the other. 
After the short write up, it seems that car detailers are the “to go to” to groom your car but it actually bows down to what you like and need. Some are very happy with what car groomers can offer. However, our take is that all car groomers will eventually have to be a car detailer as consumers are more and more knowledgeable about the kind of products they should be using to protect their prized cars.  

3. Sierra Glow As A Car Detailer

Every car detailer will say that they are the best and none will say that they are second best. So how does Sierra Glow stand out among the glass coating competition? 
All glass coating goes through the same process of washing, claying, polishing then applying glass coat with a sponge. We have an edge using the “torch & burn” method prior to applying the glass coat.  Our “torch & burn” gives a distinct blue flame, hence we term our glass coating “Blue Flame Treatment” 

We have a specially designed canister containing silica content. This silica will be blown out through the canister on every inch of your car body to cover the uneven porous painted surface. All pores will be filled to create an even car paint surface. The more even the car paint surface, the more shiny your car is.  This is the most advanced technology as it leaves no pores untouched. At the same time, it creates a suitable bonding surface for the next step which is to apply a layer of glass coat onto your car with a sponge.  

We are the best but do you believe it? Seeing is believing. We invite you to come down and see for yourself how the glass coating is done at Sierra Glow.  We want your business but all the more we want you to believe in our product and what it can do for you. Request from us a free trial for your car and you can decide who is the best car detailer.  You are in charge of your car, you pick and choose who to serve your car. 

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