Blue Flame Treatment FAQs

Blue Flame Treatment FAQs

The Blue Flame technology is a sophisticated nanotechnology from Japan for car paint. It creates an inorganic layer on top of your car paint coat and protects your car paint from weather elements and minor scratches. 

It contains a special mixture of SiO2, also known as Primer Glass, and is applied onto your car surface via a Blue Flame through a gas canister hence the name Blue Flame.

The Blue Flame throws out a layer of superheated primer silica. Silica will fill up the micro pores on your car surface and smoothes out all bumps and microscopic blemishes. It will eliminate any static charges and burn off any organic material on your car surface. The silica forms the perfect foundation for Glass Glow. Glass glow is a type of glass coat that is 100% inorganic and will not react with external weather elements.

The end result is a highly sought after wet look. Water will sheet of your car due to the nano smooth surface that Blue Flame Treatment creates. This is the best car paint protect you can give to your car.

Our Blue Flame Treatment is suitable for all old and new cars, no matter the age and model type of your car. Our team of experts will analyse your car surface to determine the amount of work needed prior to applying Blue Flame. 

There is no chemical bonding between the molecules of the wax used and the top coat of your car. Wax is organic and it does not last long on your car surface. Soot in the ran, exhaust gas from automobiles, diesel carbon and other dust particles can easily penetrate the wax on your car and eat into its paint surface. In order to remove these external dirty particles, a small layer of your top coat has to be removed to reveal a fresh layer of coat beneath. More than often, scratches will be left on your car when these external dirty particles are removed. This will damage the painted surface of your car.

Blue Flame Treatment creates a 100% inorganic layer on top of your car paint and will not react to any external elements that will damage your car paint surface. Dirt cannot penetrate the layer created by Blue Flame Treatment.

Maintaining your car surface after Blue Flame Treatment is easy. Regular car wash with a pH neutral shampoo and microfibre cloth will suffice every alternate week.

Although Blue Flame Treatment creates a 7H layer of hardness on top of your car paint, it does not make your car resistant to scratches. The layer of hardness we create is much higher than waxing and other car coating programs.

No, you do not need to wax your car after Blue Flame Treatment. We are confident that our shine will last for years to come. A simple car wash every alternate week is enough to maintain the wet look of your car. Waxing your car will in fact harm our coating. 

We take great care in detailing your car, as a result each Blue Flame Treatment will take anywhere between 6 to 8 hours depending on the condition of your car paint.

Upon the application of Blue Flame on your car paint surface, we have a 5 years warranty on the work that we have done on your car. In instances where the coating was not properly applied (which is rarely the case), we will rectify the work done and ensure that you walk out a happy customer.  

By default, all our customers enjoy a 1 X complimentary touch up of up to 1 panel for their cars. Subesequent touch ups are chargeable at $80 to $400 per panel. 

The extra layer of protection that Blue Flame Treatment generates is water repellent and very hard, it generates water beads on top of your car. These water beads if left on your car for too long will create water spots. These water spots contains acidic contents and if left too long on your car coat will eventually eat into the car coat and harm your car paint. It is best to wash your car regularly to prevent water spotting from occuring. 

There are a few ways to do it. You can contact us at 


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Blue Flame Treatment is a process that is done onto your car to prevent your car paint from oxidation and deterioration hence it does not protect your car against stains like bird droppings, it is still possible that the stain will etch into your car paint if it is left on your car paint surface for a very long time. These stains are acidic and anything that is acidic will harm your car paint surface. We advise you to still remove the stain as soon as possible. 

Adopt these steps to clean the stain off your car:
1. Take a piece of a tissue
2. Wet the tissue
3. Place it right on top of the bird dropping and leave for 8-10 minutes
4. Remove the tissue after the bird dropping is soak into the tissue. Use more water and tissue if needed.
5. Afterwards, use a clean cloth and apply some shampoo on it. Gently rub and remove the remaining residue on your car paint surface. 
6. Rinse and wash. The stain should be removed or minimized. 

If there are still stains left on your car after performing the above 6 steps, you can send you car in to us, we can assist you in touching up the stain and to reapply Blue Flame Treatment onto it.


Acid rain, UV sunlight, oxidation can hasten car paint detioration. New cars have fairly healthy “clear coat”.  This clear coat is a layer of clear paint that sits on top of your car paint.  Washing with a dirty cloth/sponge and waxing your car will cause the clear coat to eventually disappear.  To prevent this from happening, it is best to do your new car as soon as possible before surface scratches or deterioration to your clear coat occurs.  Once you put on Blue Flame Treatment, you have an added layer of protection on top of your car's clear coat. 

We are really good at this.  But the scratch cannot be beyond the clear coat.  That is, if the paint is scratched we will only be able to reduce the mark, not eliminate it.  In our car evaluation session with you upon arrival at Sierra Glow, we will look at your car paint and clearly indicate to you which spots we can deal with effectively and which ones might cause some problems. There are cases where we advise customers to go for a respray before coming it back to us. 

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