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SierraGlow polishing process:

Using the special auto polisher, one round of polishing with tailor-made compound compatible with grit of #1000 and wool cloth, the polished thickness is measured as 0.08 micron and three rounds of polishing is measured as 0.2 micron. Actually, two rounds of polishing could erase the grit of NEXT#1000 and leveled the surface. It theoretically indicates that only two rounds of polishing polishes 0.16 micron and generates instant heat which levels the uneven surface without polishing 0.2 micron. SierraGlow polishing process just polishes only 0.16 micron of the clear coat out of 50 – 60 micron layer and removes scratches and afterwards SierraGlow polymer process covers it with the layer of 5 micron of sealant “Glassglow”.


How much of urethane paint of an automobile can be polished? Isn’t that polishing removes a thin layer of the clear coat and harms the paint or clear coat? These are frequently asked questions.

First, we must understand how thick the car paint is? It depends on the car model, the production year and etc. Generally speaking, the layer and the average thickness of the car paint is as below:

The primer (to protect rust) : about 10 micron
The surfacer : about 20 micron
The undercoat (or color base) : about 30 micron
The topcoat (or clear coat) : about 50 – 60 micron

The total thickness of the paint, therefore, is about 110 – 120 micron or 0.11 – 0.12 mm. Very thin, indeed. Just compare with about 100 micron of newspaper thickness. The thickness which can be generally polished (or removed) should be less than 15 – 20 micron, less than one third of the topcoat to protect the paint and keep its shine.

Next, is the actual polishing work. For your information and reference, please refer to the table below:


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