Blue Flame Treatment

About Blue Flame Treatment - A Holistic Car Detailing Process 

The Blue Flame technology is a sophisticated nanotechnology from Japan for car paint protection. It protects your car paint from external weather elements and prevent your car paint from oxidation and deterioration. It contains a special mixture of SiO2, also known as Primer Glass, and is applied onto your car surface via a Blue Flame through a gas canister hence the name Blue Flame. 



The Blue Flame throws out a layer of superheated primer silica. Silica will fill up the micro pores on your car surface and smoothes out all bumps and microscopic blemishes. It will eliminate any static charges and burn off any organic material on your car surface to protect your car paint. 

The end result is a highly sought after wet look. Water will sheet off your car due to the nano smooth surface that Blue Flame Treatment creates. This is the best car surface protection you can give to your car. 


1. Why Choose Blue Flame Treatment

We are the first in Singapore to coat your car with fire. The Blue Flame Treatment will create an inorganic layer on top of your car paint surface. This coat is 98.5% silica, it is 1 of the highest silica product in the market. Our coating is inorganic and will not react to weather and any external elements.




A simple car wash is all you need to regain the shine! High water repellency will shorten your time to wash the car.
Forget about polishing, waxing and coating your car with other products. The layer that Blue Flame Treatment creates is inorganic and it will last for a long time without reapplication (5 years). You do not need to come back for reapplication of the coat. What’s more to search if Sierra Glow can protect your car shine for years with one treatment?   

In the event, if your car gets damage, you can come back to us anytime for a complimentary touch up of up to 1 panel. Subsequent touch-ups are chargeable at a small fee ($80 to $400).


In the event, if the coating was found to be applied unprofessionally, we will redo the coat for you free of charge. We take pride in delivering the best car paint protection job to you and we will not let you walk out dissatisfied. 

Pay 1 price and we detail the whole exterior car for you! This includes car body, tail lights, headlights, and rims. As a complementary service, we apply Sierra View on your windows which give you clear visibility during a heavy downpour. Sierra View lasts up to a month on your car windows. 
In order to ensure that we return a spick and span car to you, we will also do simple vacuuming and UV cleaning of your car's interior. 

We invite you to come down and witness our team at work. Observe how our team wash, polish, buff and coat your car. You will be amazed at how detailed they are in detailing your car.

We are the only company who can confidently offer a full 5 year warranty knowing that our staff have undergone rigorous training from our relevant Japanese counterparts. As a result, your car will have a wet shine, water will sheet off your car as your car paint is nano smooth, the thickness and protection of your car paint is greater.


Here is an example on how water will sheet off your car:


3. Blue Flame Treatment is a 8 step car detailing process:



When you send in your car in the morning. Our team of experts will perform an assessment of your car paint surface. Each car paint quality is different, we will need to analyse the thickness and condition of the paint by:

- Checking out for swirls and watermarks

- Checking how deep into the clear coat are these blemishes. 

- Checking out for scratches

We will then compile a report for you which include these details. These records will be kept with us for record keep purposes. 

To prepare your car surface for Blue Flame Treatment
Clay bar is used to remove dust, dirt, industrial fallout, acid rain and other contaminants from your car’s exterior surfaces.

Buffing removes the swirl scratches on your car and will expose a fresher layer of fresh car paint. The buffing process starts slowly up and down, side to side with overlapping movements. We start from the hood to the sides to the booth and lastly the roof of your car.

Our buffing process is one of the best in the industry. We only use gear action orbital polishers by Compact Tools. It does not overheat your car's paint and allow us to really work on your car's blemishes. During the polishing process, we use 6 different kind of compounds to treat different paint hardness and problems.

Beyond the tools, we also use synthetic lambs' wool and sponge buffers. Knowing which to use requires extensive experience, training and "feel". 


Singapore now in the Buff

Sierra Glow is in Singapore, and do we know how to buff. Actually, polishing and buffing car paint is both an art and a science, and Sierra Glow does 'the buff" better. This short video explains and shows two reasons for our success in car detailing. To detail, the techniques and skills of bringing your car paint to "pop" is critical, and Sierra Glow has the polishers and the compounds to make your car shine. Take a look

Posted by Sierra Glow Singapore on Sunday, January 31, 2016

To wash away the remnants left over on your car paint surface from the clay bar and buffing process.
Prior to Blue Flame Application, all areas on your car will be wiped with Isoprophyl Alcohol (IPA). This creates the ideal setting for Blue Flame to be applied.
After the Blue Flame process, the car is left to cool for about 2 minutes. Another layer of Silica will be applied onto your car surface to complete the whole process. This compound is a mixture of polysiloxane and non-solvent fluorine resin which allows the chemicals to chemically bond with your car paint surface. It is 100% inorganic and will not react to external weather elements.  This will give your car everlasting shine.


As an added benefit to our customers, we offer a complimentary application of Sierraview on the front, rear windscreen and all door windows. Sierraview is water repellent and will not leave watermarks and stains on your windscreen and windows. Sierraview will last between 3 to 6 months.

See the difference between a coated and uncoated car. 



4. Who is it for?

Our Blue Flame Treatment is suitable for all types of old and new cars, no matter the age and model type of your car. Who says busy people do not have time to groom their car? With Blue Flame Treatment, you can get the sleekest shine with minimal effort!



Feel free to contact us for a quote at or call us at +65 6340 1785. 



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